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The Attraction That is Austin

Most tourists who troop to Austin, Texas go to there because of its lively nightlife.  After all, Austin is considered the "Live Music Capital." But this is not always the case. To the surprise of many, there are a host of attractions in Austin that not necessarily involves music.

There are many museums and art galleries in Austin, among them the Texas Memorial Museum.  It is the major exhibit area of Texas Natural Science Centre. Ever since it opened shop in 1939, the museum has put together an assembly of 5.7 million specimens focusing in the disciplines of geology, biology, and palaeontology. Another attraction in Austin is Blanton Museum of Art, which is the biggest university arts museum located in the United States. The said museum hosts some 17,000 various works from Europe, Latin America, and Northern America.

Yet another attraction is Harry Ransom Humanities Research, which houses literary and cultural artifacts gathered from across the globe.  The center has 36 million literary manuscripts, plus 1 million rare books, as well as 5 million photographs, and at least 100,000 works of art.

Those who want to take a closer look in the history of Texas may go to Texas State History Museum named after Bob Bullock, the great Texas Lieutenant Governor.  Austin likewise is the home of a house museum named after O. Henry, which is the other name of the acclaimed writer William Sydney Porter.  The renowned writer lived a great number of his years in Austin.  He is credited for 400 short stories well loved for their wordplay and wit.  He is likewise known as the originator of having twist endings in literature.  The museum named after O. Henry likewise conducts a contest wherein enthusiasts can display their wordplay skills in tribute to the great writer.

Then there is the Congress Avenue Bridge which houses the largest collection of Mexican bats in the world. At the onset of March, some 1.5 million bats hole up in the interiors of the  bridge's expansion as well as contraction areas.  The environment is very ideal for raising young bats.  The bats then get out of their zones late in the afternoon.  Watching the bats has become a tourist attraction in the area, with an estimated 100,000 visitors going to the place annually.

Austin City Guide

But it is undeniable that the city will always be remembered and cherished for its vibrant live music scene.  The official slogan of the city is in fact, "The Live Music Capital', because it has the most number of music venues than any other area in the United States.  The music in the city is very much concentrated on nightclubs located at the 6th Street.  There is also a yearly festival for film, multimedia, and music dubbed South By Southwest (SXSW). Likewise, there is a growing circle of live performance placed like bars and theaters in the city.

With its rich history, culture, and tourist attractions, there is no wonder why many tourist are falling in love with Austin.

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